Piera R. 


“Liliya followed me throughout the recruitment process keeping me updated. Any doubts have been clarified and all my concerns have been raised.” (Piera R.)

Valentina is from Italy, but she lives in Lisbon for two years, and now she's working as Content Moderator.

Valentina C. 


“Last Monday I started the training! I'm really excited about it, especially considering the crisis we are going through. That's why I would have to thank you for your professionalism and kindness: you've been really helpful!” (Valentina C.)

Valentina is from Italy, but she lives in Lisbon for two years, and now she's working as Content Moderator.

Michele G. 


“I received positive feedback on the interviews with the clients, and since I am going to start training on the 25th, I would like to finally thank you for the opportunity that Alexandre offered me.” (Michele G.)

Michele is from Italy, but she lives in Lisbon for a while, and now she's working as Moderator for Social Media in a company in Portugal.

Felipa R. 


“The feedback was extremely positive! I've ended up on the project starting training on Monday! Thank you very much, Alexandre, for your sympathy whenever we speak and for your best wishes!” (Felipa R.)

Felipa is from Portugal and now she's working in a project for a top brand.

Luiz Matheus H. 


“The recruiter was very kind and found a good project that matched my skills. I am now in the training process. Thank you !” (Luiz)

Luiz is from Brazil and now he's working as a Customer Support Representative in a top brand.

Lucie L. 


“I'm selected to start the training, I've got the confirmation of it and the job offer for the position. Now I keep staying in touch with the representative of the Company and deal with all the related matters.” (Lucie)

Lucie is from Russia and now she's working as a Content Moderator in a top brand.



“Thank you for giving me the initial opportunity. Thanks a lot!”

Amanda is from Brazil and now she's working as a Content Moderator for Social Media in a top brand.



“Yesterday I made the technical confirmation. All right to start home training on Monday!" (Alyne)

Alyne is from Brazil and now she's working as a Content Moderator for Social Media in a top brand.

N. Do. 


"I would like to thank Lorena and Cross Border Talents for the support and services. Thank you for connecting me with my new employer. The process and relocation was fast". (N. Do)

Do is from Vietnam and now he's working as a Software Developer in Sweden.

A. Sampson. 


"When returning to Portugal after 13 years living abroad, I needed to find a job. I came across CB Talents and within a day I had an interview setup with a consultant. It was a Skype interview, and Cláudia could not have been more welcoming. She was professional and followed up on the process, and I have now got a starting date for an exciting new position. I can't reiterate enough how smooth and welcoming the process was, and should I require I will definitely be in touch with this recruiter again." (A. Sampson)

Sampson is from the UK and now he's working as an English Customer Service in Portugal.

P. Sampson. 


"I have recently moved to Lisbon from the United Kingdom. I had started to seek employment and noticed CB Talent on Facebook. I emailed and was swiftly contacted by a very friendly consultant named Claudia. She arranged a Skype chat with me for the next day and passed by details on to a prospective employer. I was then contacted for interview and subsequently hired. Claudia was so helpful and kept me updated every step of the way. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Excellent service!!" (P. Sampson)

Sampson is from the UK and now he's working as an English Customer Service in Portugal.



"I’m grateful to CBTalents and especially to Dmytro Iefymenko for the job I got in Turkmenistan. CBTalents agency is a professional player in international job searching, which provided a chance to take part in an amazing project in Ashghabad city. Special thanks to Dmitro Iefymenko, who was very responsive, attentive and provided comprehensive answers on my requests."

Artem is Russian and now he's working as Electrical Engineer in Turkmenistan.

Noriko O. 


"I am very impressed with Cross Border Talents, Lisbon who have such professional and qualified recruiters. Cláudia Carvalheira a hard-working individual who helped me secure the role I applied for. Not only did Cláudia provide professional guidance and advice, but she also acted as a mentor providing specific steps required during the process."

Noriko is Philippine and now she's working as Philipino Search Language Specialist in Lisbon.



"Thanks to the CBT team, especially to Dmitry Iefymenko, who helped me to find a job and assisted me during the recruitment process."

Aleksandr is Ukrainian and now he's working as an Electrical Engineer in Turkmenistan.

Miroslawa R. 


"Thanks to the CBT team, I could relocate to Lisbon to work, enjoy the warm climate, and devote time to the passion of photographing the city. I was contacted by Cláudia shortly after I sent my application to CBT. Always in a positive mood and smiling, she offered guidance on my weak and strong points, provided fast responses to my questions and thorough information about the process, as well as supported me mentally along the way. Most importantly, she managed to send all the positive energy and motivation over a distance of more than 3000 kilometers! I am truly grateful for Cláudia's effort and encouragement."

Miroslawa is Polish and now she's working as a Polish Search Language in Portugal.

Ignacio F. 


"I was approached by João Fernandes from Cross Border Talents on LinkedIn and we arranged a quick Skype interview in which we got along very well. I had sent him my CV, so by the time of the Skype meeting he had several job offers for me that fitted my profile perfectly, I chose one of them and here I am!"

Ignacio is Spanish and now he's working as a Game Support Agent in Bulgaria

Elizabeth Russel 


“I am in Piraeus on one of the beaches. It is lovely here, all the locals are quite friendly. Claudia and CBT were very helpful all through the recruitment process and have responded to all my queries quickly and thoroughly whenever I needed her help.”

Elizabeth is an English Customer Service, relocated from England to Greece.


Heitor C. 


"It was an efficient and clear process from start to finish. The highlight was to see the effort from the CBT team in offering me all the possible information about the process, traveling, expenses and lifestyle in Portugal " 

Heitor is an Android Engineer (Brazilian), relocated from Ireland to Portugal.


Andrés G.


"I have interacted with many recruitment agencies, and my experience with CBT has been one of the best. They provided me very detailed and accurate information about the position and the company I was applying to, and before the interviews they gave me very relevant tips to perform accordingly. They know their clients very well, and in every moment I felt they were taking care of my interests with professionalism". 

Andrés is a Data Analyst, relocated from Spain to Prague, Czech Republic.

Guilherme von Zuben


I had been preparing for years to live and work abroad and I am happy to say that, with the help of CBT, I have finally achieved my goal.

One day I have received a call from Thiago, saying he found me on LinkedIn and believed that I would fit this great position in Denmark. He was right, after multiple interviews and complex migration processes, I have left the hectic São Paulo and am now enjoying my time in Copenhagen.

Thiago was very supportive throughout the hiring process, keeping me informed of every update, explaining how they usually worked and helping me communicate with my now employer. Definitely made a big difference!

Guilherme is Digital Tracking Architect, relocated from Brazil to Denmark.

Ana Luísa 


Marco has been a good career manager, helping with CV changes, adapting to local culture (UK). Helped to develop a LinkedIn profile in order to rise recruiters search.

In addition, gave good tips for interviews according to what is expected by industry.

Overall, improved the tools I already have available to attract companies.

Ana Sofia 


Marco is an excellent professional focused in the success of the projects he embraces with a dedication and essence which characterizes him.

Md Atiqur Rahaman Khan 


Dear Thiago,

I am writing this to appreciate the efforts that I have received from you and CBT to find my dream job.

I was actively looking for some full time position related to IT domain as I am going to finish my Masters soon in Technical University of Berlin at Germany. As I am located in Germany, so I was more interested to find a full time job mostly in Germany, though I was open to anywhere in Europe.

In order to fulfill my dream even before I have able to finish my Masters, CBT has really played a vital role. You from CBT approached me and discussed with me about a new position which was fairly interesting. The job responsibilities seems to be quite matched with my interest and profile.

Finally after few interviews which went around a month in May, I will start my next step as ‘Network Design Engineer’ in the IT dept. for a big project at Frankfurt, Germany. It’s tough to express in words my appreciation to CBT. I am really thankful to you and CBT and wish both success in the long run.

Atiqur is IT Support Technician in Germany.

Camillus Murphy 


My name is Camillus,

I was contacted by Cross Border Talent through indeed after updating my CV. I was contacted about a job in Athens, Greece.

The reason I was contacted, I have customer service exp. I'll not name the company, not sure if I should. Within three weeks of being contacted by CBT I was boarding a plane. I now have an apartment in a nice neighborhood at reasonable rent, sharing with gentlemen also recruited by CBT. We are in close proximity to shops, public transport and a variety of entertainment venues.

I'd recommend that if you are contacted by CBT go for it. No regrets from me or my roommate.

Camillus works as a Customer Service Agent, relocated from Ireland to Greece.

João Pereira


Thank you guys! I enjoyed a lot the recruitment process with CBT, it was quick and efficient, and best of all is that the answers were quick, which is what everyone wants right?

João works as a Mechanical Design Engineer, relocated from Portugal to the Netherlands.

Martin Baert 


The way to recruit is very interesting, on a person who answers all our questions and in the smallest details. Adriana was able to guide me perfectly!

Martin is a Customer Service Representative, relocated from France to Portugal.

Cosma Radulescu 


First I received an email from Adriana Marques, she explained that she seen my CV on a website and proposed to me if I’m interested by working in Lisbon. I spoke with her by Skype and she began a video call as soon as possible to explain to me what I will have to do, being a so good and a friendly person, she made me confident.

I had to do some tests on the computer and after what she told me that I got good results.

Finally she explained to me what was the last part, an interview where I needed to speak about my motivations, my CV, my experiences, and my availability.

All was good and all the persons gave me all the information that I needed! Now, I’m just impatient to arrive in Lisbon !

Cosma is a Customer Service Representative, relocated from France to Portugal.

Pedro Costa 


My recruitment process was incredibly fast. Really!

Moving from my country, Brazil, was one of my life goals for a long time, then, one day I contacted Thiago, and he had the perfect opportunity for me already. I was then contacted by their client, did some tests and interviews, and was approved! It took exactly only 3 weeks for me to have a definitive answer.

Also, my wife came with me and the whole process was flawless for both of us. We in love with Prague!

It was just like this, a life goal that I was never able to achieve was there, waiting for me. I'm really impressed with such accuracy achieved by Thiago and Cross Border Talents.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Pedro is working as a Game Developer. Relocated from Brasil to the Czech Republic.




With deep knowledge about HR market worldwide, Marco could help you to find new pathway to your professional career. Also fine tuning your CV and manage your expectations related job searching.


Maurício Moura 


Thiago contacted me by LinkedIn telling me that there was an opportunity adjusted to my profile. Since I already had Portuguese nationality, the transition would be easier due to the documentation.

Along all the interview processes with all the various levels, Thiago stood with me giving me tips and feedback from the company. This led me to be more confident during those interviews.

Thiago showed interest in answering all my doubts. Being them professional ones or things like living and working in Lisbon, where to look for a house, etc.

I arrived at Lisbon 3 weeks ago and, besides already knowing the city, it has been a great experience so far. Getting to know a city as a tourist is always different as getting to know her as a resident. The city is gorgeous, cosmopolitan, with all the wonders (and problems) associated with the big cities over the world. Here, in TP that cosmopolitan way is even stronger because we daily dwell with Spanish, Ukrainian, French, Russian, Indian and people all over the world...

Maurício is working as an IT Customer Developer. Relocated from Brasil to Portugal.