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Specialized in real-time interactive software since 2005. My working experience ranges over games, surgical simulations, educational games, VR/AR and iOS Apps. In the last few years, focused on core technology in order to create scalable, robust, and maintainable platforms for growing companies. Proud of the ability to optimize the production pipeline and create efficient teams that can handle the modern pace of change

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Software Developer with several years of experience working as Java, Scala, and C# developer with a bit of frontend in between. Enjoys working on his own projects in his spare time among other activities.

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Graduated from a 4-year high school specialized in Computer Science regarding computer programming languages including C, C++, Pascal, and Assembly programming languages. I have taken my Bachelor's degree in Computer Education. Then to begin with my undergraduate dissertation, I researched the human-computer interface based on design and programming in the issue of second and foreign language education.

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