“Solutions for the lack of Digital Skills in the era of the Intelligent Machines”

In April 10th we will host an event which objective is to gather three different entities (Academy, Private Sector and Government) to discuss the subject “Solutions for the lack of Digital Skills in the era of the Intelligent Machines”

By gathering enterprises who are recruiting talent with digital skills, talent with interest in incrementing its employability through the digital literacy route, Academies/Polytechnics/Universities which are the best vehicle to develop these digital competencies we assure a healthy change of experiences and ideas.

Are you Curious about:

The Trends in the European Digital Job Market?
The Trends in the European Skills Training?

This event serves this purpose and Cross Broder Talents, through its network (Clients | National & International Talent | Companies in a nearshore process to Portugal | Talent motivated to work in new Industries and geographies) will assure that your time will be well employed.  

As in Lisbon Tech Week and Porto Tech Week will have proposals from the political power to attract Talent and Investment to Portugal (AICEP), municipality of Oeiras (CMO) and more objectively to Taguspark.

The attendance of a speaker from the Foundation for Science and Technology and the National Agency for Innovation will have the objective to share with businessmen and women & future entrepreneurs the Horizon 2020 - EU Research and Innovation programme (2014-2020) - and how GPPQ supports Portuguese companies on the process of applications to the European financing covering in this program.

Link for online Conference:

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Ricardo Nobre

Cross Border Talents

Francisco Rocha Gonçalves


Prof. Eduardo Baptista Correia

Taguspark CEO

Paulo Almeida

Novabase Talent & Business Manager

Gonçalo Mello

Executive Manager

João Mil-Homens

Horizon 2020 National Contact Point Innovation in SME | ICT | SME Inst & FTI

Prof. Fernando Mira da Silva

Instituto Superior Técnico

Prof. Vítor Santos

Nova IMS
Invited Professor

Prof. Tiago Oliveira

Nova IMS
Associate Professor

Prof. Manuel Cruz

Directors’ Board Member

Prof. Pedro Alves

Universidade Lusófona
Director and Assistant Professor

Prof. José Cordeiro

Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

Sara Ribeiro

Nova IMS
PhD Student

João Carlos Martins

Instituto Politécnico Beja
Course Coordinator

Linda Pereira

President of the Global Council for Women in Leadership

Carla Silvestre

Cross Border Talents Partner
& Group Head of Recruitment

Marco Barata

Cross Border Talents
Head of Outplacement Services



Registration & Welcome Coffee



Welcome And Opening Session

Tagus Park, Prof. Eduardo Correia, Cross Border Talents, Ricardo Nobre Founder


How To Solve The Digital Skill´s Shortage in the era of intelligent machines

Cross Border Talents, Ricardo Nobre, Founder
Special Guest: PT-MATHAS-IN*, Prof. Manuel Cruz
* Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation


How To Inspire Talent to Access the ICT Labor Market

Novabase, Paulo Almeida, Senior Manager


Debate: "How Innovation-driven Competitiveness is changing Portugal: The Role of Universities"

Instituto Superior Técnico, Prof. Fernando Mira da Silva
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Profs. Tiago Oliveira & Vitor dos Santos
Universidade Lusófona, Prof. Pedro Alves
Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal - IPS, Prof. José Cordeiro
Instituto Superior de Beja, Prof. João Carlos Martins
Universidade Europeia
CBTAcademy | ATEC - Academia de Formação


Coffee Break & Visit To Exposition Booths*

Booths from Universities, Polytechnics & Vocational Educational Training Schools


How European Comission is supporting portuguese employees & SMES

Special Guest: TBD; Commissioner Mariya Gabriel´s Cabinet
Special Guest: João Mil Homens (Horizon 2020 | GPPQ)


How to Attract Talent And Investment to Portugal

AICEP, Gonçalo Mello


How to Attract Talent And Investment to Oeiras & Concluding Remarks

Oeiras City Hall, Vice-President, Francisco Rocha Gonçalves


Lunch / Free Time


Math and Programming Skills as the new sexiest competencies for employers in industry 4.0 Global Labout Market

Cross Border Talents, Ricardo Nobre, Founder
Special Guest: PT-MATHS-IN*, Prof. Manuel Cruz
* Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation


Workshops Learn to Code Today Claim your Job Tomorrow

Moderators: Carla Silvestre, CBT & Marco Barata, CBTAcademy

Programming in JAVA with graduates from Universities (Ensino Superior Universitario)

Programming in JAVA with graduates from Polytechnics (Ensino Superior Politécnico)

Programming in JAVA with graduates from Vocational Educational Training (Cursos Técnico-profissionais)



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CBTagus Tech Day will be in the main auditorium of Taguspark “Núcleo Central”
Address:Edifício Núcleo Central 100, 2740-122 Oeiras

+351 215 836 491
E-mail: cbt_tagustechday@cbtalents.com

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